Tragic Murder Of Young Motorcyclist in N’Djamena

Motorcycle Murder Victim

Sunday morning a huge crowd formed not far from the service station in Klemat on Avenue Maldom Abbas, also known as Avenue El Nimery. In front of stores selling gas bottles and other household goods, a dead man lay covered with a sheet in the road, his motorcycle next to him. Traffic was blocked as many people stood on the center divider of the roadway to try to get a look at the scene. Several police vehicles were on site to investigate the tragedy, but the murderers were gone.

According to witnesses, the victim had been followed on his motorcycle by a Toyota Hilux with tinted windows and no license plates. After pulling up next to the victim, the murderers shot two or three shots point blank at the victim and fled the scene. According to witnesses, the victim remained alive for several minutes but died on the scene before medical aid arrived. The murderers have not yet been identified, although many suspect that they are somehow connected to the regime in place.

According to reports on Facebook, the victim, Mahamat Djari Sougui, was around twenty years old and a native of Kouba Oulanga with no criminal history. Other photos show that he was driving a motorcycle with military plates, indicating that he might have been in the military. The motives for the murder are not yet clear, but some claim that it was started by a dispute on Facebook, reminiscent to the recent shooting at HEC Chad, where a social media post provoked a shooting that has not yet been resolved.

This shooting comes the day after the launch of “Operation Harmattan” in N’Djamena, an operation designed to enhance security and stop drug trafficking in the area.

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