Abdoulaye Souleyman Adam Expelled From HEC Chad After Shooting Hissein Djiddi Toke In Class

The disciplinary council of HEC Chad met on the 28th of June to review the in class shooting on Monday morning. After their review, the student Abdoulaye Souleyman Adam was expelled permanently from HEC Chad. According to reports, Abdoulaye pulled a gun in class and shot a fellow student in the leg before running from the scene.

The reason for the shooting isn’t clear, but it seems to stem from a video shared on social media that shows the shooter reading in broken French. When the shooter, who is 28, attempted to find the author of the video, his friends gave him a hint, but although the teachers checked the victim’s phone they were unable to find the video.

The shooter is currently on the run and being pursued by the police. The victim is at the Renaissance hospital in N’Djamena and being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg. As a result of this incident, courses at HEC Chad are suspended until further notice.

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