“Chad will not accept accept instruction from the United States regarding justice or Human Rights”

Facebook/ US Embassy N'djamena

Chad’s Minister of Justice responded to statements from the US department of State calling for investigations into the events of October 20th, 2022. Matthew Miller, the spokesperson for the US department of State, noted that four people had been killed outside the US Embassy in N’Djamena. He also stated that they have “seen no sign that the Government of Chad is taking action to investigate or bring the perpetrators to justice.”

The Minister of Justice in Chad categorically rejected this statement, saying that “the Chadian government had already taken measures to shed light on these events.” However, there continue to be calls from the opposition groups for more open investigations, which indicates that the population is not satisfied with the current investigations.

The Chadian government has been implicated in the killings, and Matthew Miller directly accused security forces of killing four demonstrators outside of the US Embassy during the protests. This raises concerns that the government may have a motivation to cover up some of the events rather than make a thorough investigation. There have been many calls for an international investigation, but the Chadian government has carefully controlled all outside involvement.

This should be a clear indicator of the true nature of the current government of Chad. If they “refuse to accept lessons regarding justice or human rights” from the United States of America, then it seems reasonable that the United States of America should also refuse to provide aid money and military support if it may be used against the people of Chad. After all, despite many problems, the USA is still a leader is justice and human rights, not to mention development!

George Adams

George Adams is a journalist and editor at Heartbeat Africa News. If you have breaking news, let him know at GeorgeAdams@heartbeatafrica.news

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