Calling African Journalists and Activists

Do you want to make your voice heard in the English world? Do you have a desire to reach beyond Central Africa? Would you be willing to partner with us to bring news from Central Africa to English readers everywhere?

Write George Adams or Peter Lee to talk about a mutually beneficial partnership or help get the word out about your cause. Heartbeat Africa News is serving the World with English News to keep aspiring and native English speakers up-to date on the current situation in Central Africa.

Thank you for reading Heartbeat Africa News,

The Heartbeat Africa News Team

George Adams

George Adams is a journalist and editor at Heartbeat Africa News. If you have breaking news, let him know at

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2 Responses

  1. Ousman Moussa Abba says:

    Hello I am new here. Who will welcome me?

    • George Adams says:

      Hi Ousman,
      This is George Adams, editor and writer for Heartbeat Africa News. Welcome to the site! Are you interested in writing articles focused on Central Africa?

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