Rebel Coalition Claims Attack On Chadian Military Outpost

Credit: Toubou Media/Facebook

A press release purportedly from a coalition of armed rebels in the north of Chad has been making its rounds on social media claiming an attack was carried out on a Chadian military outpost.

The announcement, published in French, claims that forces part of the coalition attacked a Chadian Army outpost in the village of Wadi-Marou on the 26th of March. The coalition reports one dead in their ranks and two dead on the side of “army of the Chadian dictatorship” as well as five wounded.

The report is somewhat vague about the outcome of the encounter alleging “the surviving soldiers of the regime have taken refuge in the houses.”

The rebel coalition is made up of the MADAT, FNDJT and MDJT groups.

“In addition, the coalition reassures the national opinion that it will continue to operate constantly without respite until the total liberation of the national territory. The Coalition recognizes neither the legitimacy nor the legality of the junta and will fight until victory. Fatherland or death, we will win!”


The press release was signed by ABAKAR Djimet Chaha, the president of MADAT.

Peter Lee

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