Graduates Fooled Again With No Integration In Sight

Graduates attempt to leave the country.
Graduates attempting to leave Chad. Photo courtesy of TchadOne

Despite years of protests, sit-ins, negotiations, and general unrest, the unemployed graduates of professional schools in Chad decided to take a drastic step on the 24th of June, 2021. As the graduates walked towards the border, they were met by the forces of order and dispersed with tear gas, resulting in two injuries. Back at the Ministry of Public Service, the graduates were asked to wait 24 hours for the government to come up with a solution. Despite loud protests from those assembled, the crowd eventually agreed to re-assemble in 24 hours or less.

On the 25th, however, the leader of the graduates was received at the office of the Minister of Youth and Sports instead of the Ministry of Public Service. The spokesperson of the collective stated no solution was found and that the Minister of Youth and Sports was not able to solve their problem. Not surprising, as several years of negotiations have not produced any results it’s unlikely that an extra 24 hours would be the key to finding a solution.

Undaunted, the spokesperson of the collective, Neuzilka Emmanuel said that “We have one thousand and one strategies to make this government bend” while making the observation that “the government will never change the way it resolves the social problems of it’s people”. Despite his strong words, it seems like the government attained it’s objective. Up to today, no protests or marches have been noted and the graduates are still in their country of origin.

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  1. June 28, 2021

    […] able to carry out their recent threats. Just a few days ago they threatened to leave the country, but were stopped by the police and eventually dispersed with no solution in sight. Not to mention that burning diplomas will leave them with nothing to achieve their final goal […]

  2. July 3, 2021

    […] Graduates Fooled Again With No Integration In Sight […]

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