Gordon Kriche given 48 hours to leave Chadian territory

Gordon Kriche

The German ambassador to Chad, Gordon Kriche has reportedly been given 48 hours to leave the country by the Chadian government. The Chadian government has accused the ambassador of “criticizing the system openly” and “supporting the opposition.” Interestingly, the embassy stated that they had not been officially informed, but that they had seen the information on social media.

The lack of official notice is an interesting twist, but it seems like the German Ambassador will be forced to leave his post. This unusual occurrence is sure to bring about further consequences for the relationship between Germany and Chad. However, if the rumors that the ambassador was investigating the October protests are true, then the Chadian government might be attempting to cut their losses. Germany and Chad have maintained diplomatic relations since 1960, and so far no official statement has been issued by either country.

Germany has long had friendly relations with the people of Chad.
On the way to democracy and sustainable development, we remain a trustworthy and reliable partner.

Gordon Kriche

George Adams

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