Chad – 18 Political-Military Groups Ready to Talk if Conditions Fulfilled

Photo Credit: Peter Lee, Heartbeat Africa.News

The special technical committee sent by the transitional government to make contact with rebel groups and bring them into the dialogue has reported a success. After meeting with many rebel or political-military groups in France, the committee announced that eighteen of the groups had agreed to participate in the dialogue. However, the conditions for their participation were not published, though it was noted that the groups had agreed to talk only if certain conditions were met.

According to the Special Technical Committee, the meetings had a “fraternal” atmosphere. All of the parties participated courteously and respectfully, and the groups agreed to take part in the dialogue if their conditions were met. The Committee recognized and saluted the spirit of brotherhood, patriotism, appeasement, and willingness that was present in the meetings. The same spirit of open and frank dialogue must be continued and encouraged to ensure the completion of the transition, according to the Committee.

Among the eighteen groups the Front for Alternation and Concord in Chad (FACT), led by Mahamat Mahdi Ali, is one of the least expected. Although FACT always said that they wanted to participate in dialogue, the transitional government initially refused, labeling FACT as a “terrorist group”. However, as time passed since the attack that killed the president of 31 years and international pressure rose, the government has slowly changed it’s position.

George Adams

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