Saturday Morning Protests in Chad – Total Stations Damaged Across the Country

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama Media

Initial reports this morning indicate that Total stations across the country of Chad have been damaged in violent protests this morning. Total, a company associated with France, owns multiple service stations and sells fuel and oil in Chad. Because of the association with France, Total stations have been targeted in past demonstrations, although they are normally well protected by the government.

Although it’s not clear yet which protest became violent, Wakit Tama has been protesting French interference in Chad for the last few years. The latest protest was opposed by the Transformers, a longtime member of Wakit Tama, on the basis that the protest was “racist.” Despite the opposition, it’s clear that there was a decent turnout as reports of damage in major cities across the country have been coming in.

The US embassy in N’Djamena issued a warning to it’s citizens this morning with an unprecedented announcement that embassy personnel had been ordered to stay in Klemat, a diplomatic protected zone in the city. Citing violent protests and the use of “tear gas and force” to disperse protesters, the embassy advised it’s citizens to avoid demonstrations. The current status of the demonstrations is unknown, but overall the city seems to have quieted for the moment.

George Adams

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