Tensions in Chad as Mediators declare an impasse, “Transformers” arrested

According to a group of religious leaders and elders, it’s not possible to reconcile “those who absolutely want to retain power and the aspiration of those who want change”. The spokesman of the group, Baniara Yoyana, foresees major problems ahead. “These divergent positions risk degenerating into clashes with immeasurable consequences.”

“We call on believers of all religions to implore Divine Mercy and to pray for conversion of hearts and true peace. May God save and bless Chad”

Baniara Yoyana

According to the “Transformers”, they were still in discussions with the group of elders when 84 of their members were arrested. The “Transformers” have been holding rallies every Saturday for the past few weeks and the members were driving through town to mobilize participation for their next meeting this Saturday. While the police claim that the “parade” was illegal, the “Transformers” note that they have been engaged in this activity for more than three weeks.

They have demanded the release of all prisoners and have reiterated their intention to hold a meeting this Saturday. The government responded by surrounding the “Transformers” office at three this morning. In a video posted on social media later this morning, the military and police are clearly visible surrounding the office. The party is calling all of their members to come to the office while also denouncing the “brutalization” of anyone who tries to enter or exit the entire neighborhood.

George Adams

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