Ngueli Bridge Not Open To The Handicapped


The handicapped of N’Djamena feel that they are being discriminated against since they are not allowed to cross the border to Cameroon. Although the Ngueli bridge that joins Chad and Cameroon was opened two weeks ago, the police have not permitted motorcycles, tricycles, or the hand pushed carts called pousse-pousse to pass for reasons unknown to the handicapped users who rely on access to the bridge to make their living.

We would like the government to order the police to let us pass so that we can find a little food for our families.

Mbaihodji Djingambaye Ghislain, Popular Action Movement for People With Disabilities

After writing to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Security, nothing has changed. According to Mbaihodji Djingambaye Ghislain, the coordinator of the Popular Action Movement for People With Disabilities, the Minister of Security responded saying that he had already opened the bridge. However nothing has changed at the bridge, and the handicapped are still unable to pass.

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