Wakit Tama Maintains Marches Despite Government Opposition

Wakit Tama has announced that it will still march today and Saturday despite a statement from the Minister of Public Security to the effect that the marches were prohibited. The Minister of Public Security, Idriss Dokony Adiker, prohibited the marches because “no request for authorization was filed with the competent services”. Wakit Tama rejected this in a press conference the same day, noting that the minister had “refused to take the authorization request from the bailiff”. Most marches scheduled during the dialogue have been prohibited because of technicalities despite a statement from the minister that he “was instructed not to ban marches during the dialogue”.

Come out to refuse the generalized insecurity in our villages where groups of people equipped with weapons of war under the gaze of our authorities kill, loot, set fire to huts, voluntarily devastate the fields, occupy our lands without any respect for customs and traditions.

Max Loalngar, Wakit Tama

George Adams

George Adams is a journalist and editor at Heartbeat Africa News. If you have breaking news, let him know at GeorgeAdams@heartbeatafrica.news

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