Popular rapper Ray’s Kim EDM releases new single, “Rend le Pouvoir”

Photo Credit: Facebook/RAY'S KIM EDM

N’DJAMENA–In direct defiance of the regime in place, Ray’s Kim EDM, a popular Chadian rapper and opposition politician, known for his connections with “Les Transformateurs” released a new single entitled: “REND LE POUVOIR.”

The song takes aim at Mahamat Idriss Deby, the son of former Chad president Idriss Deby Itno, and current interim president of the nation. Ray’s new song takes shots at the current state of affairs in the nation and asks Mahamat “Kaka” to “give back the power” after a military take-over that occurred following Deby Sr.’s death last year. The lyrics of the song also reference popular opposition chants, such as “justice, equality,” and makes reference to killings in Sandana and Abeche, accusing the current government of not adequately ensuring security.

The single’s eponymous music video contains clips of protests that took place after Succes Masra’s recent summons by the attorney general. It was partially filmed on the street in front of opposition party “Les Transformateurs” headquarters, recently the scene of protests and lockdowns.

Ray’s new song demonstrates the burgeoning artistic opposition and is certainly not his first controversial song.

Peter Lee

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