Government Authorizes Wakit Tama march for the 7th

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

Wakit Tama’s tentative march has been authorized by the Minister of Public Security.

Wakit Tama’s protest on the 7th will take place between the “Hamama” circle and the “Palais 15 Janvrier”

The Citizen’s Action Group Wakit Tama will be joined by several other organizations including the Syndicates Union (UST).

Read Wakit Tama’s announcement:

Tomorrow at 7 at the Hamama Roundabout, 🚶 let’s go out massively to mark our commitment to the core values of the Republic: JUSTICE, INCLUSION, EQUALITY. Let’s demand a quick solution for jobless graduates and other youth including DDS victims. Let’s demand the departure of slavist France and its associate putschists from the CMT to permanently free our country. “People of Chad, stand up and work…. Your freedom will be born of your courage; look up, the future is yours.

Wakit Tama — Facebook

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  1. August 7, 2021

    […] march. Although the government still refuses to list Wakit Tama as the organizer of the event, the authorization was granted to several political parties earlier this week, just a few days ahead of the march scheduled for […]

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