5.3 million suffer from food insecurity in Chad

photo credit: UNOCHA

According to a recent report by the OCHA, about 5.3 million people in Chad suffer from food insecurity. Up to 1.5 million people could be in the crisis phase this year.


One of the causes for the food insecurity are the fires that burned several villages and markets across Chad. Schools, stores, residences, and crops caught fire last year in Chad.

Fires in Chad, Feb-Mar, Credit: Peter Lee, HeartbeatAfrica.News


Another cause for the food crisis is flooding.

More than 1.3 million people have been affected in 19 of the country’s 23 provinces. More than 350,000 hectares of fields were destroyed, 20,000 head of cattle carried away and 80,000 residential houses and a large number of schools, health centers and public utility infrastructure destroyed.

Photo credit: UNOCHA

Inter-community Conflicts

…the inter-community conflicts recorded in certain localities of the country have also affected the capacities and levels of agricultural production and the marked presence of people on the move…




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