Suspense builds in N’Djamena as National Dialogue restarts today

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The work of the National Dialogue has been pushed back to this afternoon around 3:30. The work carried out by the assembly has been suspended and several “thorny” issues have been entrusted to a committee. The group of 19 has the responsibility of discussing the form of the state, the revision of the Transitional Charter, the duration of the second transitional period and the eligibility of the transitional leaders in the next elections.

All of these questions have been the matter of intense debates. The committee formed to decide on the questions was formed with a few opposition leaders but many in Chad say that the majority are from the ruling party, MPS. While the results of the deliberation will technically be presented to the assembly for approval, many fear a declaration of approval “by consensus”. Regardless of the results, this will be a clarifying moment for the future of the country of Chad.

George Adams

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