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Check out our brand new News Feed, where you can find the information you need about what’s going in Chad and the region–In English!

While HeartbeatAfrica.News has had a News Feed for quite some time, we weren’t entirely satisfied with the software we were using. We wanted to make a News Feed that would better fit our target audience by translating the headlines and articles into English. But the software we had just wouldn’t do what we wanted without major modifications. Not to mention that it seemed to be really slow to load, which is annoying for those who use it every day.

So we decided to make our own News Feed software.

The new software picks up news from a variety of local and global news agencies. First it checks to be sure that the news is relevant for the target region. Next, because most of the news is in French, the software automatically translates the headline so you can see at a glance what’s going on. Then the software analyzes the main article for sentiment and produces a sentiment score. While not always perfect, this should give an idea of the mood of the article.

Because most of our readers prefer English, clicking on the English headline will automatically open the article in a popular translation tool. For those who prefer to read in French, a link to original article is also available. The Sentiment Score, date and time, and source of the article all show up under the headline. Sentiment Scores close to -1 are negative, 0 is neutral, and 1 is positive.

We’re continually working to improve the next generation of this tool, so stay tuned for future updates. Please let us know if there’s a feature that you would like to use, the tool is designed for you and we’d love to have your input. We’re also looking for more news sites that cover the Central Africa region, so tell us about your favorite news sites in the comments below.

Hope N. Pekin

Editor and investigative journalist working @ Heartbeat Africa News. If you'd like to contact her, send an email to

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