Citizens to Protest Dialogue Proceedings on the 19th

Photo Credit: Facebook (Wakit Tama Media)

The Chadian opposition citizen action coalition “Wakit Tama” has announced that a demonstration is slated to be held on Friday the 19th, one day before the “National Inclusive Dialogue” in N’Djamena.

The opposition group Wakit Tama says the protest will be held at the “Palace of Culture”, previously known as “The Palace of the 15th of January”, the same location that the National Dialogue will take place on the 20th. Wakit Tama claims the government signed an agreement with rebels in Doha to “protect clan power” saying “France and its Transitional Military Council (CMT) have created amalgams and confusions with fake politico-military in order to infiltrate the real armed movements”. These claims come on the heels of Abdallah Chidi Djorkodei, previous spokesperson of the FNDJT returns to N’Djamena. Chidi was removed from his position as spokesperson of the FNDJT during the pre-dialogue in Doha and has since created his own group.

“The Association for Unity and Youth Orientation” say it may also participate in the demonstrations on Friday if its “demands are not followed. regarding the allocation of seats in the National Inclusive Dialogue, which is set to begin on Saturday, the 2th of August.

Wakit Tama’s protest is planned to begin at 6 AM on Friday the 19th, in front of the Palace of Culture, the announced location of the upcoming Dialogue.

Peter Lee

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