World Food Program Burns Food in the Midst of Famine in Chad

Photo Credit: FEWS NET

Recently, the World Food Program burned expired food in N’Djamena, in the neighborhood of Gassi. Hungry residents tried to put out the fire and rescue the food, but were driven away with tear gas by police forces.

1.7 million people are estimated to face hunger from June to September of this year. These results indicate a third consecutive year of severe food insecurity and the worst lean season of the last 10 years.

World Food Program

The Chadian government recently declared a food and nutritional emergency and called for humanitarian aid.

“This is the place to call for international solidarity in this critical phase that our country is going through for emergency humanitarian assistance, through substantial food assistance,”

Haroun Kabadi

Famine Early Warning Network says the crisis is caused by insecurity, rising food prices, and below average crop production.

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