CCMSR Press Release Announces New President

Wour, Chad © HeartbeatAfrica.News

The CCMSR Rebel group has announced that it has elected a new president, due to an “unprecedented internal crisis”. The change reportedly took place at a “general assembly” on the 30th of May.

The CCMSR’s internal chaos is no secret, and was clearly revealed when its negotiators in Doha announced they would continue talks despite the president of the movement’s announcement to the contrary.

It is unclear why the president of the movement was replaced, with Arabic and French translations giving contradicting motives.

The Press Release indicates that the new president was elected in a midnight general that took place in Wour, Chad. Besides the new president’s name, Mahamat Souleyman Senoussi, little information was given about the future of the group.

It is unclear what effect this change could have on the future of dialogue and negotiations in Chad, but some versions of the press release indicate that the new president will maintain the rebel group’s previous policies.

Peter Lee

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