Chad: CCMSR announces it’s temporary withdrawal from Dialogue in Doha

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DOHA, QATAR–In a press release published late Thursday afternoon, The Military Command Council for the Salvation of the Republic, or CCMSR, declared that it would be temporarily withdrawing from the Chadian preliminary dialogue currently taking place in Qatar’s capital.

The CCMSR’s withdrawal is only one of several interruptions the talks have experienced in the past several weeks, including FACT, another key Chadian rebel group withdrawing from the opening ceremony.

The CCMSR’s press release listed five reasons for their withdrawal.

Here’s a breakdown of their objections:

  1. “The ruling military junta has invited a large number of fictitious false opposition groups who are in reality elements of the current regime in Chad and whose existence only became known at the inauguration of the summit of Doha.”
  2. “The absence of an agenda for the preliminary dialogue”
  3. “The refusal of the military junta in power to review the provisions of the transitional charter which grants too much power to the head of the said military junta.”
  4. “Violation of the truce during the period of peace talks. We have seen suspicious movements near our troop locations. in the areas of Kouribougri and Tanoua and the deployment of additional forces in strategic areas along the border.”
  5. “The refusal of the military junta to clarify its position by dodging the essential question on the non-participation of certain people in the first elections after the transition. Indeed, the non-participation of members of institutions affiliated with the transitional authority (the CMT or the transitional government) in the elections after the transition is the sine qua non for ensuring a free, transparent and credible election.”

HeartbeatAfrica.News has not independently verified these claims.

The CCMSR says it decided to “suspend” it’s participation in the dialogue on the basis of these claims, and says it would require “clarifications” and “guarantees” from Qatar, the AU, and the UN, before it would, hypothetically, resume talks, or permenantly withdraw.

If ever a diagram from father to son wants to be drawn, we will not hesitate to play the part of the Holy Spirit.

Rachid Mahamat Tahir Saleh, President of The CCMSR

CCMSR President Rachid Mahamat Tahir Saleh spoke on March 21st, at the beginning of the dialogue in Doha, warning of “a pattern of succession of power from father to son in Chad”

“If the government has a hidden agenda or ulterior motives, history will tell who is responsible. And this is going to be the last negotiation opportunity. No one will have that chance and we will proceed to war as to war. Democracy, freedom and justice are the essential and fundamental elements of the future of a nation”

Rachid Mahamat Tahir Saleh, President of the CCMSR

Chad’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chief of negociations in Doha, Chérif Mahamat Zene, says he regrets the CCMSR’s withdrawal.

“We regret CCMSR’s decision to suspend its participation in the pre-dialogue. It is early to draw conclusions from the process before even having a summary of the mediator. The pre-dialogue will take its course and the doors remain open to everyone at all times,”

Chérif Mahamat Zene, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chad

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    […] The CCMSR’s internal chaos is no secret, and was clearly revealed when its negotiators in Doha announced they would continue talks despite the president of the movement’s announcement to the contrary. […]

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