Transformers at the Stadium for the Grand Meeting of the People

Photo Credit: Facebook (Wakit Tama Media)

The “Grand Meeting of the People” sponsored by the “Transformers” political party is scheduled for later today. The Idriss Mahamat Ouya stadium in N’Djamena is already open and partially filled. The goal of the meeting is to fill the stadium with people to demand justice and a better future for the country of Chad. The meeting comes after several denied requests to use the stadium which the “Transformers” used as leverage to finally obtain the permission to hold the meeting.

Although sources differ, it seems that the meeting will take place later this afternoon. The keynote speaker is Succes Masra, president of the “Transformers” political party. Since the meeting is expected to continue until seven o’clock tonight, others will also be speaking, such as the artist Ray’s Kim, vice president Ndolembai Njessada (if he is still in Chad), and doctor and artist Croquemort. Several other political parties will also be participating, such as Yacine Abdaramane Sakine’s Reformist Party.

Several different teams will be operating to ensure that the meeting goes well. A truckload of bottled drinks has been donated, and a medical team will be standing by with two improvised ambulances in case of health issues. Security is also a concern, and besides the police force which will be securing the area, a local company has provided cameras and two drones to improve surveillance.

The participants are still arriving from different areas of the city, and the streets are filled with noise from the cheering people. On arrival, banners and flags are being shared among the participants, who are also being organized into groups.The environment at the stadium is charged, but it’s not quite filled although people continue to arrive.

George Adams

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