US Embassy issues warning about frequent protests near Ardep Djumal

US Embassy in N'Djamena, Photo Credit:

Protests have been in style in the area around the University of N’Djamena and the high schools close by. While the university students have just received brand new buses, the high school students still have some reasons to protest. With the fourth straight day of protests, the US embassy in N’Djamena sent out a notice to Americans about the frequent protests, warning them to stay away from areas where protests might be taking place.

Complaints about the excessive usage of tear gas are beginning to increase as neighboring compounds claim that tear gas is being launched into their areas as well as drifting in the wind. Drivers passing through on Avenue Mubutu probably noticed the common symptoms of tear gas exposure as it was still noticeable after a few of the protests. Debris and traffic jams are also a problem with the frequent protests.

It is unknown when these protests will stop but its an age old problem.

George Adams

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