Succes Masra blames “Marabouts” after bizzarre incident at his office

"The Transformers" HQ Dec 16th, 2021. Photo Credit: Wakit Tama Media

Opposition leader and President of “The Transformers” party, Dr. Succes Masra has recently spoken out about a weird incident some have called an “assassination attempt”.

“I’m alive (…) From where I was working at my desk, there was a kind of peeling of the tiles. It was quite weird. It cracked making weird noises.” Dr. Succes Masra told Alwihda Info.

Busted tiles at “Les Transformateurs” headquarters Photo Credit: Wakit Tama Media

Activist Takilal Ndolassem says he asked Dr. Masra by phone to immediately leave his office 10 minutes before the incident. Takilal Ndolassem said “The office began to shake. The tiles began to peel. A kind of wind started to blow,” according to him, this is an assassination attempt. It’s not clear why he asked Dr. Masra to leave before the incident or if he had information that an assasination attempt was planned.

Dr. Succes Masra blames the incident on occult practices and Muslim holy men, “Marabouts”, as they are called. However, natural causes have not been ruled out at this point either.

“Those who do not succeed in fighting us on the level of ideas must be tempted by occult practices. I am learning that marabouts are being employed.”

Dr. Succes Masra, President of “The Transformers” party.

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