Wakit Tama plans meeting, march in the coming days.

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama Facebook

Wakit Tama has scheduled their next event for November 6, a meeting at Idriss Mahamat Ouya Stadium. There is also a march planned for November 13.

“All together on #November13 for a grand march of the people. Double Voies – IMO Stadium. But before that date, there is still a meeting on November 6 at the IMO Stadium.”

Wakit Tama Facebook

Also, Max Loalngar, the coordinator of Wakit Tama, said that the purpose of the meeting was to “talk to the population on the merits of its actions in favor of democracy.”

In their press conference today, they announced more about their meetings in Geneva, where they wrote a proposed new Transitional Charter.

The UNJCP also has a march planned for November 6 at Fest Africa in favor of a peaceful transition and in support of the CMT. The Chadian League for Women’s Rights postponed their march that was approved for the same day.

“We are not going to take any risks”

Source from the Chadian League for Women’s Rights

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