Tensions run high in Faya, Chad, as protesters demand the removal of the governor.

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

The protests in Faya have taken a particularly violent turn today as clashes between protesters and the government broke out again this morning. As protesters, mostly unarmed, a few with sticks or knives, rushed the governor’s palace, the government forces responded with volleys of tear gas. Some sources claim that live rounds were used against the protesters as well, which is somewhat confirmed by reports of deaths and injuries. Since this morning, it appears that the government may not have been able to hold back the crowds, and reports say that the governor is in hiding for the moment.

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

Needless to say, the situation in Faya is not calm at the moment, although the extent of the damages is not yet clear. The protesters are calling for the immediate removal of the governor of the Borkou province, but for the past few weeks their appeals have fallen on deaf ears. The government seems reluctant to even admit that the situation isn’t normal in Faya, and local news coverage has been limited.

George Adams

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