UPDATE: Sit-in Scheduled for Tomorrow Prohibited

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

UPDATE: The sit-in scheduled for tomorrow to protest the handling of the Yacine Abdrahamane Sakine case, has been officially prohibited by the Minister of Public Security and Immigration. Officials cited the fact that the “Reform Party” did not submit it’s authorization to operate as a party with it’s request to hold a sit-in. Despite it being a collaborative effort with at least 3 opposition groups involved.

Two groups from the political opposition, Wakit Tama and the Reform Party, have announced their intention to conduct a “sit-in” at the “The Palace of Justice” demanding justice for Yacine Abdrahamane Sakine, President of the Reform Party, who was allegedly brutalized and tortured after an opposition protest earlier this year.

The organizers of the protest have set the starting time at 9:00 AM, and call on the population of N’Djamena to come out en masse to fight for justice.

Wakit Tama demands the immediate involvement of the Transition President, The Minister of Justice, and the Minister in charge of Public Security and Immigration in Yacine’s case.

They also threaten to press charges in international court if no action is taken.

Peter Lee

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