LIVE: IMO Stadium descends into chaos as fans await “Fally”

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

23:15 27-11 Cidson Alguewi, another Chadian artist has also taken the stage as fans wait expectantly for “Fally Ipupa”, arguably the main attraction. The main gates of the stadium have been opened removing any access restriction.

23:00 27-11 “Moussa Aime”, a Chadian artist, has taken the stage at the IMO stadium as fans and protestors alike, clamber for Fally’s appearance. “Moussa Aime” is the first of three Chadian artists who will take part in the concert. Reports indicate an increase in police presence.

20:00 27-11 Police have tear gassed the crowd waiting outside the stadium. Despite the gas many fans and protestors are still outside the stadium. Concert goers are still waiting to be let in, 4 hours after scheduled starting time.

Peter Lee

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