Chad: Crawling protesters tear gassed, 4 injured

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

Citizens with disabilities in Chad were tear gassed while crawling in protest on Friday, demanding equal rights for those who are handicapped.

“We wanted to crawl to the Prime Minister’s office. But the police came to shoot tear gas at us.”

Ali Oussigbedé Justin

The activists were crawling in protest of the government’s prohibition, which bans disabled citizens from crossing the Walia – Double Voies bridge with their wheelchairs and tricycles.

The government, on the other hand, claims the handicapped transport illicit drugs across the bridge in their tricycles.

Ali Oussigbedé Justin, spokesman for the movement, claims protesters were simply attempting to crawl to the Prime Minister’s house when they were tear gassed and dispersed by police.

Activists with disabilities left their wheelchairs behind at the Chagoua Circle and proceeded to crawl up Mubutu avenue towards the Prime Minister’s residence. When protesters arrived near the Sacred Heart High School, approximately 0.7 kilometers (or about half a mile) down the road, police fired on the crawling protesters with tear gas, injuring four. Responding police offered to transport the injured to the hospital but were refused, it should be noted that the dispersion of the march occurred very near the Good Samaritan Hospital in Chagoua.

As of publishing time the international community has remained silent on the subject and no known legal action is being taken against the Chadian government.

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