“Called to other functions” The Governor of Borkou replaced

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

After over a month of protests, riots and other civil disturbances, the governor of Borkou was replaced by decree.

Mr. Hassane Saleh Algadam Aldjinedi is appointed Governor of the Province of Borkou to replace Mr. Ismat Issakha Acheick, called to other functions

November 26, 2021

Décret N°889/PCMT/PMT/ MATD/2021 Mahamat Idriss Deby

Near the end of October, Hassan Kalibou, the Chief of the Donza Canton in Borkou, was allegedly arrested for posting messages to WhatsApp accusing the army of complicity with highway bandits in the province. Soon after his arrest, the population of Faya came out in force demanding both his arrest, and the resignation of the province’s governor. The governor was accused of both complicity with bandits and criminals, and other corrupt practices. His recent actions had garnered criticism, particularly the impounding of certain vehicles construed to be painted “military” colors and his repression of demonstrations. During the protests at least two activists were killed and others injured.

Ismat’s replacement is a veteran general and one of Idriss Deby’s faithful allies, Minister of Defense in 2008 and Commander of the Army in 2009, he is also a reformed rebel, and was appointed as Ambassador to Qatar in 2018. He was decorated by the late Idriss Deby in 2019 for his part in military operations at Am-Dam and Haouiche against rebels. The new governor will soon be installed in N’djamena.

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