Where will Wakit Tama march?

The government has approved Wakit Tama’s protest plans for tomorrow, October 2, but changed the route to Round Point Hamama to Palais 15 janvier. This is the same route as all other government-approved protests. However, one of the leaders of Wakit Tamma, Dr Sitak Youmbatna insists that the march will start at “Double Voies” and end at the Idriss Mahamat Ouya Stadium.

The Transformers, a political party in Chad, call for marchers gather near their headquarters, which is not far from the Round Point “Double Voies”.

The police spokesman says that they must hold to the route approved by the government, and the leaders will be responsible for anything that happens. Also, he mentions that if they want to march in the provinces, they must request permission from the provincial governments.

The Transformers announced routes for the marches throughout the provinces of Chad.

Moundou: Ballet Circle – Governorate

Doba: Station Sidigui – Place Independence

Koumra: Mairie – Marche Moderne Acienne Tribune

Abéché: Fracoarabe High School – Independence Square

Kélo: Idi Circle- Elephant Circle – Zebra Circle

Béré: Subprefecture – Main Axis RN

Sarh: Airport Circle – Kassaï Circle

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