Two arrested for banditry, impersonating a Police officer

N’Djamena – This Thursday the Chadian National Police presented two prisoners accused of swindling the population under the guise of police officers.

The perpetrators had police uniforms, police cards, false license plates, walkie – talkies and police badges. The prisoners were accused of creating “forged” travel documents and extorting money from businesses.

One of the accused — he called himself “Commissioner Bokhit” — plead guilty to the charges brought against him. The government claims that the two were bandits impersonating police officers, but just recently three officers were arrested for swindling and corruption. The government has also recently taken down several unlawful checkpoints used to extort money from the population.

Bandits impersonating police officers? — or — Police officers impersonating bandits?

YOU decide, and let us know in the comments below.

Peter Lee

Freelance Journalist and Editor, currently working with Heartbeat Africa News covering events in "The Heart of Africa". Contact Peter Lee in English or French at

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