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Our NewsFeed from Chad provides a continuously updating list of the latest posts by news sources in Chad. This list is updated approximately every hour and includes mostly Chadian news sources. While most of the links take you to articles in French, we hope that this will be a useful tool to French and English speakers alike. Our list sources include Alwihda Info, Tchadinfos, Tchad One and many more. We use this tool daily to analyze the bigger picture in Chad and to keep up with the latest breaking news. We update the feed with more reliable news sources as possible. Contact us and we can add your favorite Chadian news source to the feed! While we currently only have a Newsfeed from Chad we would like to add feeds from other countries in the region in the future.

Our NewsFeed from Chad is a great tool you can use to keep you up to date on news sources from Chad!

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The Heartbeat Africa News Team