New March, New Route: Wakit Tama’s protest plans

Wakit Tama has announced a new protest to be held on the 25th. However, there’s a catch. This protest is planned to take place between the circle “Double Voies” in Abena and the IMO Omnisports Stadium in Ambassatna.

So far no word on it’s approval by the authorities. It seems unlikely that the government will approve the choice of route given its previous response to to proposed new courses. Wakit Tama’s proposed route would follow Mobutu Avenue for 4 miles, a lengthy distance for a protest.

Wakit Tama is protesting the new Transitional Military Council which took power after Idriss Déby’s Death in April while fighting FACT rebels.

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Peter Lee

Freelance Journalist and Editor, currently working with Heartbeat Africa News covering events in "The Heart of Africa". Contact Peter Lee in English or French at

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