Wakit Tama planning for “the biggest march in the history of Chad”

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

It’s official: All of the Chadian people will be in the streets this Saturday the 2nd of October, now it’s the march to a solution.

WaKit Tama Facebook

The Chadian political party “The Transformers,” part of the citizen action coalition Wakit Tama, have announced that the October 2nd march will be “without doubt, the biggest march in the history of Chad”

After the government’s previous prohibition, Wakit Tama had postponed their march – planned for the 25th of September – to the 2nd of October, although they’ve kept the same route.

Wakit Tama’s proposed route takes the marchers from the traffic circle “Double Voies” to the IMO omnisports stadium in Ambassatna. They are marching to call for the revision of the transition charter, among other things.

The political party “The Transformers” has opened up online registration for the march, an unprecedented first in the world of Chadian politics. It is unclear what the purpose of this measure is but it seems to have been relatively successful with over 1,400 registrants already.

So far we have no word concerning government approval of the march, but we’ll update this article if we find out.

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