Wakit Tama marches held in N’Djamena and the province of Logone

Wakit Tama’s third government-approved march took place September 11th, from Round Point Hamama to the “Palais 15 Janvier”. The people were protesting France’s involvement in Chad, human rights violations, and the monarchization of power by the CMT. They also called for the revision of the Transitional Charter and respect for the Chadian people. Many different political parties, societies, unions and tribes were represented.

“Either we get respect, or we die.

Chad or death…”

Wakit Tama
“We demand a National Sovereign and Inclusive Conference”

After two planned protests prohibited by the government, Wakit Tama said that this time, they would march with or without permission. The Chadian government then approved the march.

“Release Tom Erdimi and the political prisoners”

“They said Deby died at the front; In reality, it is a coup d’etat orchestrated by the enslaver France to continue plundering our resources.”

Wakit Tama

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Photo credits: Wakit Tama and Les Transformateurs

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