“They said that Deby died at the front, but in reality it was a coup d’etat.”

This morning Wakit Tama is preparing to march from Hamama circle to the Palace of the 15th of January in N’Djamena. Well over 500 people have already gathered, and the atmosphere is tense with excitement. The crowd is blowing whistles and chanting slogans condemning what Wakit Tama has called a coup d’etat. Wakit Tama’s demands are fairly clear; they want a civilian government and changes to the Transitional Charter. However, it doesn’t seem likely that the government will concede to their demands at this point, which is why Wakit Tama is trying to maintain the pressure for positive change.


George Adams

George Adams is a journalist and editor at Heartbeat Africa News. If you have breaking news, let him know at GeorgeAdams@heartbeatafrica.news

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