Government prohibits Another Wakit Tama Protest

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

Wakit Tama had announced their next march on the 4th of September, but then postponed it to the 11th because of government prohibition. The Minister of Public Security, Souleyman Abakar Adam, informed them on Wednesday that their September 4th march was postponed.

Although they’ve had two government authorized marches since the change of power, their last march, planned for August 21, was prohibited by the Chadian government and then cancelled by Wakit Tama. Wakit Tama has said that the government was trying to sow division in their ranks by allowing some parties to march and prohibiting others. The government, on the other hand, said that Wakit Tama had not requested prior approval.

The CMT uses unhealthy maneuvers to divide Wakit Tama. By granting permission to march to one part of the platform and forbidding another, the putschist junta has opted for the policy of divide and conquer.

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