FACT rebels attacked in Libya

A disabled “Ben Ziade Task Force” ‘technical’ Photo Credit: Le Front Pour l'Alternance et Concorde au Tchad

According to “The Front for Change and Harmony in Chad” (A Chadian rebel group based in Libya), on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, at 10 am local time, Libyan forces attacked the FACT rebels on the Libyan border.

“this day Tuesday, September 14, 2021 at 10 a.m., N’Djamena time, the so-called Tarekh Ben Ziade Task Force (attached to the person of the son of Khalifa Aftar), supported by Sudanese auxiliaries and supervised by special forces of the French army, based in Libya, attacked one of our positions located on the Libyan border.”

The Front for Change and Harmony in Chad

FACT claims direct French involvement and the assignment of a French special forces team to “capture and or kill” the President of FACT, Mahamat Mahadi Ali. FACT announced that Mahadi is alive and well and directing operations.

The rebels claim a death toll of 11 soldiers on the Libyan side and 4 rebel fighters. FACT announced that the “Tarekh Ben Ziade Task Force” fled in “total rout” and search operations continue.

Libyan attacks could initiate a premature invasion into Chadian soil by rebel forces and could be the result of recent talks with Libyan authorities and the UN’s resolution on mercenaries in Libya.

Peter Lee

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