UPDATE: Wakit Tama will march “With or without permission”

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

UPDATE: Wait Tama march authorized.

The Minister of Public Health and Security has announced that the anti-CMT protest planned by Wakit Tama for the 11th has been authorized. The march will take place starting at the Hamama circle and end at the “Palais 15 Janvier” The protest is scheduled to start at 6:30 am. Stay tuned for further developments at Heartbeat Africa News.

Chad’s Civil Action coalition Wakit Tama has announced their intention to march on the 11th of September, with or without permission from the government.

Neither attempts at destabilization, nor the demobilization of individuals in our ranks, nor the purchase of consciences will be able to stop the march of a people towards their destiny

Wakit Tama civil action coalition

Max Loalngar announced on September 8th that Wakit Tama would march on the 11th. According to Loalngar, fundamental freedoms should be available to all citizens, Wakit Tama will march on the 11th with or without permission from the government.

Wakit Tama’s last protest was planned for the 4th but was cancelled by the Minister of Public Health and Security. The reason given for the cancellation was the occupation of security forces with the second session of high school exit exams. While Wakit Tama appears to be determined to let nothing stop them from protesting, the location for the protest has not been revealed.

Wakit Tama is calling for the revision of the Transition Charter and the annulment of decrees relating to the National Dialogue Organizing Committee. Wakit Tama also stands against the “flagrant, systematic violations” of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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