No turbans, no sandals; Chadian government releases dress code.

Transitional Government, Credit: Presidency of Chad

The government has released a dress code protocol for members of government during official meeting, ceremonies and hearings,.

  • Women: Headcover, dark suit (jacket and long skirt), Grand Boubou or pagne suit (three pieces), closed shoes (with or without high heels).
  • Men: Dark suit and tie (blue, red or black), Grand Boubou (three pieces) with cap and closed shoes.
Man in a Grand Boubou

“For members of the Transitional Military Council, when the entire body is officially invited, wearing a uniform is recommended.”

State Protocol decree relating to Government Dress Code

“On the other hand, the wearing of turbans and sandals is strictly prohibited during the Council of Ministers, the Council of Cabinet or during official ceremonies and hearings with the Head of State.”

State Protocol decree relating to Government Dress Code
Women in Grand Boubous

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