Breaking News: Wakit Tama march prohibited and canceled

Photo Credit: Wakit Tama

On August 20th, the Minister of Public Security and Immigration prohibited citizen action group Wakit Tama’s march that was scheduled for this Saturday, August 21. The Minister justifies his decision because, according to the decree, there was no prior request for authorization.

While the past two marches have been authorized by the government, Wakit Tama has had many unauthorized marches, which were strongly repressed.

However, a march initiated by the CDF party, the Union of Syndicats of Chad (UST) and the Association of Young People for Animation and Rural Development (AJADR) is authorized for this Saturday, August 21st, according to a decree issued this August 20th by the Minister of Public Security and Immigration, Souleyman Abakar Adam. All other protests are prohibited by the government, and Wakit Tama has canceled their march.

See our original article on the protest.

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  1. September 6, 2021

    […] authorized marches since the change of power, their last march, planned for August 21, was prohibited by the Chadian government and then cancelled by Wakit Tama. Wakit Tama has said that the government was trying to sow division in their ranks by allowing some […]

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