What happened to Mahamat Abali Salah?

We review the mysterious disappearance of the prominent figure Mahamat Abali Salah from the public view.

Who is Mahamat Abali Salah?

Mahamat Abali Salah is a native of the Tibesti region and part of the Toubou People group, not much is publicly known about his family. It is said he obtained his Bachelor’s degree at The National School of Public Works and received his Master’s degree in Guinea.

His career has included many positions, including:

  • Director of Mining and Petroleum Cabinet
  • Director of the Ministry of Commerce
  • Secretary General at the Ministry of Public Health
  • Coordinator of the Tibesti Development Program
  • Minister of Public Service and Labor (2011 – 2013)
  • Advisor to the Mediator of the French Republic
  • Chairman and CEO of SIMATRAC
  • Minister of Hydraulics and Town planning
  • Chief Executive Officer of the National Agency for Rural Development (ANADER)
  • Governor of the Lake Province
  • Minister of territorial administration, public security and local governance
  • Minister of Defense and Security
  • Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of the armed forces

A very influential man, he was removed from his post as Minister delegate to the Presidency in charge of the Armed Forces in 2020 by Idriss Deby Itno. By some accounts Salah resurfaced in the fighting against the FACT rebels. Some say that Idriss Deby doubted his loyalty and sent him back to N’Djamena before he went in combat, or that he fled after the President’s death. It is generally accepted that he returned to N’Djamena before fleeing to the north, and although there is much speculation about his intended destination, it is better known that he reappeared in the Tibesti province. After three days in the Tibestis and lengthy negotiations, a military plane was sent up to fetch him by the CMT. Reports are that he returned to N’Djamena, but there has been no publicly available news about him since.

What occurred in the Tibesti? And what did the negotiations entail? Where is he now and what is his current status? His disappearance from public life leaves many unanswered questions.

Please contact us if you have any news, information we overlooked, or way which we can contact him.

Peter Lee

Freelance Journalist and Editor, currently working with Heartbeat Africa News covering events in "The Heart of Africa". Contact Peter Lee in English or French at PeterLee@heartbeatafrica.news

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