Take 2: New AU High Representative to Chad

Basil Ekouebe in 2013
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The diplomat of Congo, Basile Ikouébé, was appointed as the new high representative of the African Union for the transition in Chad.

Ibrahima Fall, the first representative appointed by the African Union for the transition in Chad, was refused entry after scheduling his arrival for June 25. Subsequently, he was replaced by Basile Ikouébé, a Congolese diplomat. As the high representative of the AU, he is supposed to accompany the transition to its end.

With Ibrahima Fall, the Chadian government did not approve his appointment, saying, “Chad is not under the supervision of the AU.”(See also: Chad refuses AU special envoy) However, with Basile Ikouébé,

“There was an agreement between the representative of the Republic of Chad and the African Union. In any case, our government and the institution must work together to help the transition move forward. The only thing that we have to express and that we express is that we are particularly jealous of our sovereignty and of respecting certain procedures. Things are back to normal.”

Abderamane Koulamallah, spokesperson for the Chadian government

Opposition’s opinions

Wakit Tama says the AU representative will have to prove himself:

“Expressly, we are waiting to see what convincing acts that the African Union will take tomorrow. And we are also waiting to see if he will have a strong hand to act in a determined way.”

Max Loalngar

Succès Masra, president of the Transformers opposition party, indicates that the Chadian people have low expectations and high hopes. He notes that the the absence of sanctions against the military junta in power or the tug-of-war lost in the appointment of Basile Ikouébé’s predecessor testifies that the AU has little authority over the CMT. He calls on Basile Ikouébé “to surprise the Chadians.”

“Today, it [the African Union] has no influence or control over the Transitional Military Council. In reality, the Chadian people are not expecting anything huge. If there is a positive surprise, so much the better.”

Succès Masra

“We don’t need an edict to move us forward.”

Regarding the binding resolution of the AU, which prohibits the members of the CMT from the elections, Abderaman Koulamallah believes that national dialogue may be able to change that. “The African Union talks about certain things, the political actors talk about certain things: the national dialogue will try to harmonize. Who better than the Chadians know what is good for their country. We don’t need an edict to move us forward.”

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