New Sand Dam built in Karkassila

The Ministry of Urban and Rural Water Resources announced the completion of a sand dam built in the province of Ouaddaï. The dam was funded by UNICEF and built by VHC.

Photo Credit: The Ministry of Urban and Rural Water Resources

A sand dam is built on a seasonal sandy riverbed using a concrete wall, so that when rainy season comes, it holds the sand behind it, letting most of the water flow beyond it. Eventually the area upstream of the dam fills with sand, which retains the rest of the water. The water can then be pumped out during the dry season.

They provide a clean, secure and local year-round water supply in water scarce environments: The sand effectively acts as a large slow sand filter, resulting high quality potable water. As the water is held under the sand, evaporation is minimal, people are protected from water-borne diseases and mosquitoes can’t breed – reducing the threat of malaria.

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Photo Credit: The Ministry of Urban and Rural Water Resources

After a study carried out in 2017, the locality of Karkassila, Sub-prefecture of Amleyouna, Department of Ouara in the province of Ouaddaï was selected for the pilot phase of the sand dam project. The work was entrusted to the VHC Company, while the project was funded entirely by UNICEF. Once the dam was finished, the delegation of the Ministry came for an inspection and the work was considered acceptable, with some minor reservations.

At the Provisional reception ceremony, the Village Chief of Karkassila and the Representative of the Sub-Prefect of Amleyouna warmly thanked the Ministry and its partner UNICEF for this work which will allow to the populations to water the cattle but also to cultivate off-season crops. They also ask for support after the rainy season for the proper management of this structure. In the days to come, other localities in the Province will benefit from the same works for the same purposes.

REOUKADJI Manassé, Press and Public Relations Attaché
Photo Credit: The Ministry of Urban and Rural Water Resources

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