Government Authorizes Wakit Tama Protest

Wakit Tama march scheduled for tomorrow authorized by the Minster of Public Security and Immigration.

The Wakit Tama march scheduled for tomorrow has been authorized by the government with some revisions and conditions.

Wakit Tama Facebook Post Regarding the Protest

The government has given the go ahead for Wakit Tama to have a protest on the 29th, but, only if the march takes place starting at the “Hamama Circle” and ends at the “Palais 15 Janvrier”.

“However, in the event of breakages, thefts, break-ins, any infringement or overflow, the organizing Association will be held responsible before the courts of the Republic”

Souleyman Abakar Adam, Minister of Public Security and Immigration

Wakit Tama claims they are marching:

“to claim our fundamental rights that have been confiscated for 31 years, our riches that are looted by slavist France with the complicity of the privileged castes that kill men to distract themselves, and to demand an immediate solution to the situation of unemployed graduates and retirees.”

The Wakit Tama Coalition on Facebook

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