Eight security measures adopted by the CMT

The president of the CMT led a security meeting on July 15, attended by the vice president of the CMT, the prime minister, ministers of security, and other key defense officials.

During the meeting, they adopted 8 security measures:

  • A monthly safety meeting is instituted, to be chaired by the president of the CMT, and a weekly meeting chaired by the vice president of the CMT.
  • The disarmament operations must continue and intensify throughout the nation. (See more: Chad: New mixed force to disarm population)
  • The abusive issuance of weapon carry permits should be prohibited.
  • Unauthorized checkpoints must be removed immediately
  • Respect for the authority of the State must be fully exercised and authorities are all instructed to enforce the laws and texts of the Republic rigorously
  • Those responsible for security must fully assume their responsibility and avoid any lax behavior.
  • The leaders of the security and defense corps (ANT, national police, national and nomadic guard) are subject to systematic rotation every three years.
  • Justice must regain its honor by combating corruption and the lack of fulfillment of the sentences rendered.

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