Chad refuses the AU special envoy

Ibrahima Fall, the representative for the African Union for the transition in Chad, was refused entry after scheduling his arrival for June 25.

“Chad is not under the supervision of the AU. “

A senior Chadian official

Chad has nothing against the African Union, has nothing against the special envoy, but there is a very serious problem which suggests that we can decide the fate of Chad outside the Chadian authorities, and that is something unacceptable.

Cherif Mahamat Zene

His rejection is also connected to the way he was appointed: the Chadian authorities claim that they were not consulted or notified officially about his appointment.

Bankole Adeoye, AU Commissioner for Political Affairs & Peace and Security, is expected in Chad on July 7 to assist in a resolution. He is planning to meet with Cherif Mahamat Zene on July 8 and Mahamat Idriss Deby on July 9.

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