Chad: Higher Education Suspended Indefinitely by Teacher’s Unions

SYNECS and SET-SEP Higher Education Teacher’s Unions declare a strike until “satisfaction” of their demands.

On the 17th, the National Union of Higher Education Teachers and Researchers (SYNECS) and the Chadian Teachers Union of Higher Education (SET-SEP) held a special general assembly. The teachers decided on the suspension of all academic activity until their demands are met. Their demands include the payment of arrears, bonuses, training costs and the improvement of working conditions. Their action reflects a surge of strikes across the nation, including: The University of Pala (Indefinite strike effective the 17th), Employees at the Farcha slaughterhouse (Indefinite; In effect since July 1st), The employees of Esso (Indefinite; In effect since June 25th), and the employees of ExxonMobil (Indefinite; In effect since end of June). It is unclear what repercussions this action might have.

Peter Lee

Freelance Journalist and Editor, currently working with Heartbeat Africa News covering events in "The Heart of Africa". Contact Peter Lee in English or French at

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