Wakit Tama threatens to protest African Union “inertia”

Wakit Tama is ready to go to the streets again if the government continues with their plan to nominate members of the CNT, which will replace the national assembly. For Wakit Tama, the decree 054 placed in effect on June 11th creating an “Ad Hoc Committee” to select the members of the National Council of Transition is premature.

Wakit Tama has given the government one week to annul the decree and avoid further protests against the CMT and the African Union. If the CMT doesn’t retract the decree within a week, “Wakit Tama will be under the obligation to resume public demonstrations to obtain transparency in the organization of the inclusive national dialogue and to denounce the inertia of the African Union”.

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George Adams

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  1. December 31, 2021

    […] National Transitional Council (CNT) is a government appointed body of 93 “counselors” whose purpose is to “monitor and control” government […]

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